Pixel Art

‘The Black Castle’
Based on the novel ‘Shadows Linger’ from the dark fantasy series ‘The Black Company’ By Glen Cook (one of my personal favorite fantasy novels).

‘Overland Battle’ #SRPG #mockup

The text continued:

“Attempt to hold back the invading Northern Alliance, use the bridge as a funnel to slake their numbers entering Arrisia. Land your ships close in on open land and hit them from the south-east.”

Alt palette:


‘Dune Battle for Arrakis’ ultra wide PVP mode mock up.

‘Interdimensional Plateau’
View at 200%

‘Rhapsody In Black’ a pixel cluster study, no single or lone-standing pixels used.  Based on the book cover of the same title; original painting by Kelly Freas

‘Fighter’s Quest’ (2 in 1 image)

‘Castle by the Moonside’

‘World of Ruin’

In the world of ruin there are many monsters! Tribute to the most common aspect of FFVI; the generic enemy encounters.

‘Vagrant Fencer’

‘Phantom Train’

‘Alice TRPG’

An assortment of sprites from ‘Galactic Summoners’

‘Electric Icon’

‘Tile-Centric Village’

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