Top secret project

Top secret project continued

Particle effect animations from the same project

Enemy sprite made for Bad Rook Games

‘Interdimensional Shopkeeper

simple 4 frame cycles

(made for DoL)

Black Mage & Dimensionalist female replacement sprite for ‘Journey of the Five’

original sprites from Final Fantasy Tactics

Ganon Isometric Boss sprite; made for ‘Journey of the five’


‘Lijj Bridge’  featuring 12 frame water tiles

(right click- view image if scaling is bothersome)

A couple traditional hand drawn animation tests

Some Animations and a splash screen for Hikomarukun on Twitch

‘Voyages de Nuit’ #parallax #math

Please let me load..

so you can see the extra smooth parallax

‘Jouster’ Erde Sprite

News icons for a Pixel Joint challenge

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